Why Blogging Helps SEO

Tyler Ingram

CC Image couretesy of Tyler Ingram “Blogging to Drive Business”, Flickr


We all know SEO can be confusing at times,  especially due to the fact that google changes the algorithm and policies so often.  However you may not know that blogging is a very useful and quite easy tool for improving your SEO. By using these 3 top tips when creating your blog, you can really help your SEO!


If you’re unsure of backlinking, it is basically where another website will link back to your site  from their site. This is a great way of building a reputable blog. But It is important not to take the easy way out by buying backlinks. This has resulted in various sites getting banned by google as Google isn’t a fan of backlinking!

But does this mean you can’t ever backlink?…

No! of course there is nothing stopping you in building a relationship with other bloggers within your industry and linking each others blogs.

Another good tip to remember is the domain. The domain is one of the ways google recognises reputable websites because Google rates educational domains ( .edu) very highly.
Nabbing a backlink from a website with this domain will be like gold for your SEO!

CC image courtesy of Will Lion. "Imaging Links" Flickr.

CC image courtesy of Will Lion. “Imaging Links” Flickr.

Fresh Content

More than likely your business has a website that is rarely updated…

This is normal, the majority of websites sit online with little editing or updating. Google doesn’t tend to think these websites are worth a high SEO ranking. Due to the fact that Google loves fresh content!

It is becoming more and more apparent that google is beginning to rank fresh content even before more reputable sites. Bearing this in mind, maybe your business could think about starting a series on your blog, or having a consistent upload timetable; for example every week or every month. This would consistently update your website and improve SEO.

Watch the video below of White board fridays tips on how to take advantage of this!

Providing fresh content also allows your business to showcase their expertise in the field. You can show tips or techniques in areas in which your business thrives.  This will help create a good brand image and solidify the fact that you guys know your stuff!

Build Social Media

Google rates social media popularity quite highly. If people are tweeting or linking your blog, chances are,  it’s a good blog!

So how can you build your social media?

There are a few ways of building your social media content. In my previous blog post I discussed how to make great Facebook content.  However in my opinion, Twitter is more about networking than amazing content (at the beginning anyway!). Obviously great content is necessary to remain interesting and popular. However If you don’t have initial followers, you can find it hard to gain more. Following a lot of people, most importantly the big dogs in your industry helps  popularity. Try to get noticed by them!  Once you get noticed, you can build a relationship and in the future even ask  for re-tweets.

Collaborating all of these tips will hopefully help improve your SEO. Remember, the SEO goalposts keep changing, so keep an eye on them too… good luck blogging!







Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content.

CC Image courtesy of Marco Paköeningrat. "Facebook Logo", Flickr.

CC Image courtesy of Marco Paköeningrat. “Facebook Logo”, Flickr.

When managing a businesses Facebook page, it important to know a few guidelines or tips that will help in optimizing the reach and interaction with followers. Ultimately, good Facebook content should lead to more followers and more sales!

Here are my five tips on creating great Facebook content…

1. Conversational Calender

To insure that you are posting the most relevant and engaging content, create a topic calender.

Gather ideas and current information that you think you might like to post including a list of events or offers that you might like to use to help promote your business or products. You can then organise these into a calender to ensure that you are achieving a happy medium between, engaging interesting posts, and business promotion post. Nobody wants to be following a business who are constantly pushing their products or offers, this way you can see on your calender the times in which you are doing this.

You can also colour code it! Having a different colour for Promotion, events, news etc. See the picture below to get an idea of what a hard copy calender may look like.

Alternatively there are apps available in which it is actually possible to link up with Facebook. “Team up” app is a good example of this! The below video is the Team Up viewing settings, take a look!

2. Create Call to Action

Posting content and never including a call to action option, reduces interactivity with your viewer. It encourages to reader to act on interest they have in your service or product.

Including a “call to action” remind the reader that they can act now. For example; Visit our page now to avail of the 10% off student offer.

call to action


3. Include photo and video posts

Facebook posts including video and pictures generally get the most attention. Videos and pictures catch the eye quicker. How many times have you decided not to read an article but skip to video?…
Including videos may draw the viewer in, but they may stay for the content!

Pictures are the perfect opportunity to show off you products or make your service tangible! Vintage Cut Flowers know this and post pictures of their flowers regularly.

4. Exclusivity

Followers who like your page on Facebook deserve to be rewarded!.. They are the people who are connecting with your brand outside of shopping hours. These loyal customers should be rewarded… Include exclusive offers only available to followers on Facebook. This will maintain loyalty and also help build loyalty!

5. Review the performance of your posts. 

Without review the performance of your posts, you won’t understand which posts gain most attention, what works and what doesn’t work. Take a look at your page insights and keep an eye on what your followers respond to, and who they are. Use what works!

The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile.

Lets go back in time… The release of the iphone2G was the start of the smartphone revolution. Following this was a whirlwind of mobile technology we could never have imagined (unless we were Steve Jobs).  Here began the competition of “who could make the better smart phone”. This competition led to crazy advancements in technology in a short amount of time. It also led to amazing opportunities for companies.

Social Accounts

Today, there are 1.685 billion active mobile Social Accounts in the world! Mobile phones have been getting more and more advanced and now, we are walking around with mini-computers in our pockets.


The gap between the percentage of people surfing the web on their laptops and their phones is becoming smaller. The availability of reaching our consumers on their phones opens up so many more possibilities. Companies need to move with the changes in technology and remember to alter their marketing strategies with the change in use of technology.

Mobile First

“91% of Adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7”. Taking this into consideration, any company would be crazy not to change their marketing campaigns to “Mobile First”.

The above image shows the usage of app and mobile web. “89% of their time spent on media is through mobile APP.” Approximately 30 hours a month is spent on APPs! Imagine if your company could take even 1% of that time!


Mashable says that; brands like snapchat are turning traditional media marketing upside down and human interactions are key to brand loyalty and building a strong consumer base. Snapchat allows a “two- way conversation”, building a strong relationship with the consumer.

In the customers’ hands

I think that today, customers’ need to be putting themselves in their customers hand. Social Media Marketing is the way in which they can achieve this. The companies that recognise this, are the companies that will survive and grow.

Mobile First companies, will ultimately reach the consumer first.


My App Idea

apprentic picture

As a part of my Digital Marketing module in CIT, my lecturer Colette Murphy https://twitter.com/Colettemmurphy asked our 3rd Year class to take part in the APPrentice competiton. APPrentice is a competition that takes place annually in CIT in which students compete using their creativity to win an ipad.  http://www.cit.ie/apprentice Winning the ipad was enough motivation for me! However next came the creation. what would my partner Leanne and I base our APP on?.. 


    Traveling Blind.

After a lot of brainstorming we decided we had it!  “Snap the Past”. Leanne and I have traveled to different countries together in the past, unfortunately always with a lack of information about the sights we were looking at. Not wanting to pay for tours, we would come up with theories as to what we thought was the history behind these famous landmarks. If only we had “Snap the Past“.


So what is “Snap the Past“… No matter where you are in the world, using “Snap the Past“, you will be able to find information, history and fun facts about that famous landmark. Simply snap a picture of the landmark, the APP will then recognize that picture as a registered landmark and will provide you with information about the history of that sight. No more rewriting the history for us!